Blueberry dream

Blueberry Dream can be described in one word… AWESOME!

Blueberry Dream is a perfectly balanced concoction of the taste bud tantalizing sweetness of organic blueberry terpenes gently infused with the just the right amount of tangy, compliments of freshly picked strawberries. Tangy, sweet and of course, wrapped in a fluffy light cloud of creamy goodness steeped to perfection along side the naturally occurring hemp terpenes… and there you have it!

Blueberry dream is an Organic VG based, CBD infused [10mg/ml], work of organic flavor art that can be either vaporized (ejuice) or ingested ( Sublingual CBD tincture). Kush E Blueberry Dream is available for purchase NOW, both online and at a retail location near you.

***All Kush E ejuice products are certified diacetyl and propylene glycol (PG) free.


At Kush E we we strongly support the sharing of knowledge and experience when it comes to our products and CBD in general. We would love to hear how Kush E products have helped you and share that experience with others considering CBD products as a health supplement.

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